The Chamber and its Members are Searching for Solutions, Services and Opportunities for Various Projects.

We Invite Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses to Investigate their Options.

Standing By for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

We are project managers with access to the full capabilities of the partners and members of the American Chamber of Commerce.

We'll exhaust every opportunity to meet your needs by utilizing curated products and services of the Chamber.



We'll start with Chamber Partners, and if needed, investigate Membership.

You are free to use these providers for one project, or add them to your Business Stack.

Bonafide Inquiries

If your business is asking us for help, it means that you are prepared to move forward with your project. We manage projects in order of receipt. Let us know immediately if you are just window shopping. Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients save time and money.

Open to the Public

We match inquiries from the public with well-vetted Chamber Members that are open to providing their goods and services. We can manage your projects, or just make introductions. Note that the savings through just one Partner can more than cover the cost of your Founding Member status.

The American Chamber Of Commerce

We are expert at using the features of this business to business networking platform.

And... we can put together a great team to provide your business solutions.

Just Ask

If you or your company want to investigate the potential, send a note.

We're happy to help.